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Process Development Engineer

Category: Test Technician

Justin is looking for an opportunity to utilize his current knowledge and experience to execute the position of the entry-level test technician, as well as grow to expand his career in the automobile industry.


Some of his knowledge and experience include:

Coordinate electrode material fabrication operations
Maintain electrode build pilot production
Support the R&D electrode build team
Use data to develop and implement continuous improvement plan for capability
Prepare/product/process reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information trends
Adjust/update machine settings and parameters for various product lines
Justin would be a great addition to any company!


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Donna’s many years in the Downriver staffing industry makes her a key leader in our offices. She excels at working with local companies and finding tough-to-fill recruits for local leading manufacturing environments. Donna’s customer service skills make her one of the top recruiting agents in our industry. She prides herself on her work and building relationships with her clients, and helping our employees become successful. When Donna is not busy finding top-quality candidates, it's all about her family and friends.

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